Cade Dopp

Cade Dopp started Educell because "it was more fun than watching Netflix". He enjoys working with students and teachers and loves to share his passion for education with his friends in Ghana. He has a master's degree in Instructional Design and Technology, another master's in Social Work, and a propensity to think outside of the box.

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What We Do

We help schools and teachers in Africa to use low-cost technology and free instructional materials to improve outcomes in their classrooms. Our partner-teachers leverage digital assessments to instantly understand student needs, and multimedia instructional materials to personalize instruction for every student. We install the technology, train the teachers, and provide the instructional material. Check out our Projects page to see some examples of our work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide every child on this earth with an opportunity to gain knowledge about the world, power to act in it, and desire to be self-reliant and compassionate.

Guiding Beliefs

The Creator gave each of us life on this Earth so that we could learn to live happily, as He does. Our capacity for happiness increases with our capacity to love. Our capacity to love increases as we learn to see things as they really are, and as we acquire the power to act accordingly. Gaining vision and power is the heart of education.


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Ghana Make A Difference

Ghana Make A Difference (GMAD) is an NGO that provides housing and basic necessities for children who have been rescued from human trafficking, abuse, and neglect. Dissatisfied with the community school, GMAD constructed a new school to serve their children and others in the community. The GMAD Accademy of Learning employed three full-time teachers, a special-needs teacher, and a vocational trainer. They served approximately 60 students. Teachers and students initially had limited competency with technology like computers and tablets. One of the unique challenges at GMAD is that students typically spend one year in the program, and enter and exit the program at unpredictable times.

We partnered with GMAD to

  1. design a custom curriculum that focused on literacy and math
  2. create assessments to help determine student needs upon enrollment
  3. integrate low-cost tablets to enable automated assessments and delivery of personalized instruction
  4. setup a learning management system to track student progress and organize instructional materials


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